Panthers Athletics

Potomac Falls High School


Panthers Athletics

Potomac Falls High School

Panthers Athletics

Potomac Falls High School

Team News.

Team News

1 month ago @ 9:40AM by Chris Tully

Calendar Update! Picture Day and Parent Night

Picture day for most sports will be Wednesday August 11.  Picture forms are available online at the school athletics website under FILES.  Everyone is in the team picture for yearbook, no one is required to buy any photos.  


Parent Night for ATHLETICS (separate from BTSN) is Tuesday August 17 in the Auditorium at 7pm.  Hear from Athletic Trainer, Athletic Director and Booster club Reps.  Then meet with individual teams and coaches in breakout session.  Should all be less than 90 minutes.

*Pay $75 registration fee in person if you wish (Free/Reduced lunch students pay nothing)

*Purchase Panther car stickers

*Purchase Panther merchandise

*Sign up for booster club


Team News

1 month ago @ 2:45PM by Chris Tully

Tryout Updates

Tryouts begin TUESDAY August 3 at 5pm !!!  See below for updated mask guidance.  Also, questions for coaches can be emailed below.  

Meet in the cafeteria ready to go -- we suggest you arrive by 445pm.  Use the Main entrance then walk down the hall.  Practice is scheduled to end at 7pm, but could run a little late.   

Students should bring AT LEAST 32oz of water, and mark bottle with your name.

No lockers available yet, so leave valuables at home.  If you must bring a cell phone, keep it OFF and AWAY, perhaps in a drawstring backpack.

Coach Venson has been emailing students, if you're not receiving anything, email her to let her know.  

Updated Mask Guidance for Athletics and Activities 7.30.2021


Indoor Guidelines for Athletics and Activities


All participants, staff, and others not actively involved in practices and competitions must wear masks during practices and on the sidelines.  Masks are required in locker rooms, team rooms, and weight room.



Outdoor Guidelines for Activities and Athletics


Masks are not required for outdoor activities.


All LCPS Transportation for Athletics and Activities


All passengers are required to wear a mask while using LCPS transportation to and from events.




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